Step 1: Initial Consultation You can expect an initial consultation providing you an opportunity to discuss your requirements and objectives. Tell us where you would like aerial imagery and data and we will prepare the requisite planning.

Step 2: Pre-Deployment Survey We will conduct a pre-deployment survey which includes obtaining permission from landowners and the appropriate authorities (such as local councils). We will also liaise with air traffic control to obtain permission where necessary. This will allow us to ensure that your imagery and data can be captured lawfully.

Step 3: Risk Assessment Following the pre-deployment survey, we will then conduct a safety risk assessment on-site to ensure complete regulatory and safety compliance.

Step 4: Flight On the day of flight, we will conduct a brief site assessment to ensure that everything is in place for an effective flight to take place. Once this has been completed, we will capture imagery and data as per your requirements.

Step 5: Post Production We use Apple devices and software to produce your final production. We closely liaise with you during this stage to ensure that your objectives and requirements are met accordingly.

Step 6: Presentation This is the completed product which can be sent to you via different methods, including sharing via cloud storage.

Please complete the following form to obtain a quote for your project. Every event is bespeaking in accordance with your needs and requirements therefore please provide us with the following details:

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